SEO Thanksgiving Day 2: Thankful for Talented Content Writers

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You can’t have good SEO content without talented content writers and we have some of the best in the business! It takes more than good keyword tools and research to generate quality SEO content, which is where our talented team of writers comes into play.

Building a Great Writing Team

Just because you wrote great papers in college doesn’t mean you can be an effective SEO writer. SEO web content is a balance between drawing the attention of the search engines and capturing human readers’ attention. You can’t just write technical keyword content for the search engines; you have to write for the human reader’s pleasure as well.

Our talented content writers come from a variety of backgrounds. We have former journalists, magazine editors, digital media specialists, and English majors just to name a few!

What Talented Content Writers Do

Our team of talented content writers live and breathe SEO. From our content managers to our editors, and the actual writers themselves, we all work together to bring our clients the best SEO content for their Internet marketing strategies.

Once our content managers do the work of researching keywords and topics to improve our clients’ Internet presence, our writers get to work putting the pieces of the SEO puzzle together. A writer has to utilize search optimization methods to get our content to rank as high as possible. In the past, that meant repetitive content with awkward keyword use just to get the density necessary to rank pages.

Your website content is designed to entice, inform, and engage readers, and if it reads like a keyword list, it’s not going to impress potential customers. Therefore, while we still focus on appealing to the search engines, we also make sure that our content reads well to a human reader.

Even though a potential client searching for “South Floridainjury attorney” clicks on your top-ranked website link they will return to the search results and look at another attorney’s page if your web content doesn’t read well or answer their needs.

How to Balance SEO and Human Readability in Your Content

You don’t need to worry about hiring talented content writers for your office – we’ve already taken care of that! When you want to feature great SEO content on your website, outsource your needs to We Do Web Content!

To get started, give us a call or contact us on our website to speak with our sales manager about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through Internet and SEO marketing. 888-594-5442.