SEO Tip: Search Engines Look for Content

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October 20, 2009 – There are many factors that go into how and where search engines rank any particular web page, but the basics come down to one thing, content.

Search engines love content. They look for web content, they scan web content for keywords, and the content of your web page is the major factor in your SEO efforts. Other features such as using flash (sparingly), images, and online video are great choices to improve the user satisfaction of your page (if they are done correctly and do not dominate or clutter the entire web page), but the one thing they don’t do is help your SEO efforts when the search bots are crawling your website.

Content is what search engines are looking for, and without it, you won’t get the rankings or the search engine placement you need to really drive traffic to your website. This is part of the reason why SEO content is so crucial to the success of a website. Your content is what search engines crawl to determine your relevance, and more importantly, your relevant SEO content is what communicates your ideas, services, expertise, and calls to action to your readers.

There’s no way around it, SEO content is the backbone of your web presence from every angle. While some supposed “SEO experts” may try to sell you on behind-the-scenes tricks to fool search engines into highly ranking your website, they are just gimmicks that could get you in trouble with search engines or at best give you a lot of traffic with an equally high bounce rate since there will not be any content to keep those visitors engaged once they land on your website.

Sticking with a dynamic, well-researched SEO content strategy gives real results and the power to back up those claims. You aren’t tricking search engines and web users into visiting your website, you are providing valuable content they are actually looking for that will in turn convince them to contact you about your services. No backend SEO trick will ever compete with that simple truth on any kind of long-term level.

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