SEO Tips for Attorneys: Regain Value From An Old Website

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October 29, 2009 – When search engines like Google scan websites for relevant placement in search engine results, one of the factors they consider is age. The age of a website is a minor, but still accounted for, factor when Google looks at what websites are deemed trustworthy. This concept of a website’s age equaling some level of trust applies to your inbound and outbound links as well.

The concept of age can work in your favor, even if your website is outdated and static (meaning you haven’t added new content in a long time). By optimizing your pre-existing website you can get the benefit of age and the benefits of SEO by applying SEO content and optimization tags and techniques. Unless your website was built on a terrible platform or there are other technical issues that would make search engine optimization more of a burden than a blessing, it is almost always a better idea to optimize the website you have owned for several years instead of scraping your domain and starting all over again.

Of course, every website should be looked at on a case by case basis, but search engines scan websites constantly, so even flooding your older website with a weekly influx of targeted and optimized SEO content can have you see a large boost in organic search engine results and traffic without having to start everything over from scratch. If your website has a lot of errors on it, i.e. – tons of broken links, duplicate content, dead end pages (without redirects), and other technical issues, it is imperative to get those problems fixed, or your new SEO efforts won’t get much recognition by search engines since they will still be penalizing your website’s navigational flaws.

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