What is Duplicate Content and why you need to avoid it?

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October 7, 2009 – The web content development of your site is an ongoing process, and if you are creating that SEO content yourself, it can be extremely labor intensive. When faced with time and budget crunches, it is not uncommon to look for short cuts, and for a lot of lawyers (and other website owners) that means buying previously written web content or using free content that already exists on the Web.

Duplicate content, which is content that appears on more than one web page, is one of the most harmful things you can do to your website ranking. Even if the web content sounds amazing and contains great keywords, the fact that it already appears on dozens, or even hundreds of other websites, is automatically detected by search engines like Google, and instead of boosting your search engine rankings, they actually penalize you for it and bury your website in search engine results.

Besides the fact that previously written web content may be outdated, inaccurate, or written by someone without a clear understanding of the English language (or a writer getting paid 2 cents an hour in India), using stale duplicate content on your website is not providing value to your reader and doing nothing to build the credibility of your website.

Additionally if you are using your web content as part a circle of duplicate content with other websites, meaning your content appears on multiple websites with links back to you and the other websites, you could be considered a spam site (or part of a link farm) which will kill your website ranking and may even get you banned by Google.

Great content is time consuming, and SEO content requires even more attention to naturally infuse keywords and the like, but posting duplicate content on your website is just about the biggest NO-NO of them all.

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