SEO Tips for Lawyers: Don’t Forget Local Search

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October 16, 2009 – As an attorney you are most likely confined to a specific geographic area for your legal practice, so you need to pay special attention to local search when marketing your legal services.

People in your geographic region are looking for local attorneys, and they will be searching using geographic keywords and phrases on search engines and websites that specialize in local search to find that information. Creating a strong web presence for local searches is imperative in getting your name out to potential clients who need legal services where they live and where you are located.

You can achieve this in part by creating local listings in Google’s Local Business Center, the,, your local chamber of commerce, and other quality directories that specialize in local search options. These directories are typically inexpensive (unless you purchase a large ad), and can significantly increase your law firm’s placement and ranking in local search engine results.

Another important aspect of local search is to optimize your web content with keywords that combine your practice areas and specialties with geographically based keywords. This strategy not only cuts down on the competition, but gives your website an edge in local search, which for lawyers is crucial in converting new clients. Including your physical address on your homepage as well as creating web pages within your site that feature web content tailored to the most important cities in your area are also great strategies to boost your SEO.

People typically want a lawyer with a great track record, a quality website, and an office that isn’t several hours away from their home. Utilizing local search to target these potential clients can significantly boost your ROI as well as increase your reputation within the community you practice in.

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