SEO Tips: Know When Your SEO Content is Really Yours

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October 14, 2009 – Before agreeing to any contract that lets an SEO content provider create the content for your website, it is important to understand who will own the copyright to that content beforehand.

There are SEO content companies out there that permanently retain the copyrights to the web articles, blogs, and other metadata they create for you. If you cancel a contract with these SEO companies, they may legally be able to take back all of the web content they wrote for your website, leaving you high and dry.

This can be absolutely devastating for your website and your entire online presence.

At We Do Web Content, we deliver our content to each client in set amounts on a weekly basis that is clearly stated in each contract. Once a client pays for the content in their contract (or their monthly payment installment), they own that web content and will retain all of the copyrights for that material. You paid for that web content and it belongs to you!

We Do Web Content will never strip your website of any web content we have delivered.

In the event that a contract is cancelled, our clients still retain the copyrights to all of the content they have paid for until the point of cancellation. Besides the fact that we believe our clients are entitled to the services they pay for, since We Do Web Content custom creates every piece of web content we deliver to our clients, taking back the content we created wouldn’t do us any good either.

This is also why We Do Web Content charges our clients by the amount of web content we create and deliver, and not by an hourly working rate. Through this system, our clients know the exact amount they are paying per piece and what type/ amount of web content to expect from us without any “surprise” charges that other SEO content providers might dish out along the way.

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