SEO vs. Paid Keywords: Know Your Niche

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May 28, 2010 – Where can your law firm be more successful than a Fortune 500 company? On the Internet! According to recent market research the Fortune 500 spends over $3 million daily on almost 100,000 keywords, but only 25% of those keywords rank in the top 50 natural search results.

The numbers didn’t look much better for the top 500 Internet retailers who were spending over $1 million per day on 88,000 keywords with only a 33% ranking in the top 50. While both groups did the best in searches involving 1-4 keywords, it was in the “long tail” key phrases where they lost the most ground.

Your law firm isn’t going to be able to compete against the high bid amounts to dominate on short search terms like “personal injury lawyer” which gets thousands of searches per day. Your focus should be on more unique, longer search phrases like “Denver snowmobile accident lawyer” or “slip and fall accident at football stadium”

Tools like Google Keywords, as well as a good SEO company can help you determine the search phrases that your potential clients are using to look for you. By focusing your efforts on more specific keywords you can obtain higher search engine rankings and more visibility for your website.

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