Separation Anxiety: Beyond the Normal First Day of School Jitters

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For nearly all parents, their child’s first day of school is a somewhat traumatic experience.

After all, even the most self-confident child will feel a little nervous about going to school for the first time. For some children, however, those first day jitters go beyond the normal child anxiety.

If your child seems to be having a great deal of difficulty overcoming first day jitters, it is possible that he may be suffering from
separation anxiety disorder.

If you suspect your child suffers from separation anxiety disorder, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, experts estimate that approximately 4% of children suffer from this disorder.

Some signs that your child suffers from this condition include:

  • Becoming distressed when separated from you
  • Refusal to go to sleep without being close to you
  • Recurring nightmares about being separated from you

Although there are steps you can take to help overcome separation anxiety, you will likely need to seek professional help if your child’s first day fears are excessive.

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