Share Your Content on Social Media, Increase Blog Traffic!

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September 28, 2011 – Want to increase your blog traffic without gimmicks or paying for clicks? Share your content!


A popular SEO company recently conducted a study of 5,000 of their customers who published regular content to a blog. They found that the bloggers who shared their latest entry via Facebook and Twitter increased pageviews by 160%!

Twitter-only shares produced a 63% pageview increase, while Facebook-only shares produced a 117% increase over those who just posted their blogs and called it a day. The other benefit to social media sharing is that you’ll generate more inbound links to your content! Sharing on both Twitter and Facebook increased inbound linking 149% over those who don’t share.

But the benefits keep coming! How about MORE interaction with your content? Sharing increased the number of comments on blog posts by 55% for those who dual-posted. Comments are one of the best ways to tell that your content is really being read and digested by your potential clients and current fans.

Of course, the success of social media sharing still rests on a key factor: quality content. Even if you’re sharing it on your Facebook business page or Twitter account, if your blog content isn’t worth reading, it’s not going to do you much good for reaching out to clients.

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