Show Don’t Tell: How to Demonstrate Your Business’s Value to Your Readers

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When is casual writing okay?

Your content needs to show, not merely tell, your readers how your product, service, or business helps them. It’s not enough to tell readers that your product is good or that you’re good at what you do and expect them to take your word for it. Your content should demonstrate how your product or service helps readers solve a problem or reach their goal.

But written content by nature is going to tell the reader something. So we first need to define what we mean when we say that your content should show not tell.

Show: To demonstrate the value of your product or service through supportive evidence and detailed, descriptive language.

Tell: To make unsupported promises about your product or service.

How Can I Create Content That Shows Readers Why They Should Use My Service?

Give Details About How Your Product or Service Helps the Reader Reach Their Goals

Instead of just telling the reader that your product or service helps them, show them how. For example, if you sell nightlights, demonstrate how your product is different.

Do you sell a cordless nightlight with a patented system that keeps kids from getting to the battery pack? Mention that. But then be sure you also mention how this helps parents.

“Worry less! Our patented system keeps your little one from accessing the battery pack so they don’t swallow or choke on the battery. We designed our nightlight with no small parts so there’s no risk of choking if your child decides to take apart the nightlight.”

Let’s delve into a service-based industry: law. How do you demonstrate the benefits of hiring your law firm as opposed to all the others out there? Follow the same principle of demonstrating how your firm’s attributes, qualities, and other features benefit the client and sets you apart from other firms.

For example, say you’re a personal injury attorney who wants to discuss your experience as an insurance adjuster. Consider these examples:

  • “Before becoming a personal injury attorney, I spent 15 years as an insurance adjuster.”
  • “Before becoming a personal injury attorney, I spent 15 years as an insurance adjuster. I know the instructions adjusters receive, the tricks they are taught, and even how they think. My time as an adjuster prepared me to anticipate arguments from the insurer and defend against any tactics it might use to devalue or deny your claim. I know how to build a case that addresses all the adjuster’s tactics, helping you pursue a higher payout so you can pay your bills after a serious injury.”

The first example just tells the reader that you used to be an insurance adjuster and expects them to connect the dots as to how that helps them. The second example lays it out for them.

Use Testimonials

This can be an effective way to show readers what you can do for them because testimonials come from other people who have used your product or service, and thus hold more weight.

Let’s go back to our nightlight example from earlier. Once you have demonstrated the benefits of your nightlight, use a testimonial to drive that point home.

“Our nightlight comforts your child, helping her get a better night’s sleep. And our patented safety technology keeps your little one safe from choking hazards, giving parents peace of mind so they get a better night’s sleep too. Not convinced? Take it from one of our happy customers. Mary from Wisconsin bought our rainbow nightlight to help her toddler transition into staying in her room at night. Here’s what she had to say:

I finally feel okay leaving my toddler alone with a battery-powered nightlight! My husband and I have been trying to get our toddler to sleep alone at night. We bought another nightlight before we tried the Rainbow Nightlight and couldn’t regret it more. We checked on our toddler one night and found that she had been able to take the battery out of the nightlight and was holding it in her hand! If we had checked on her any later, she could have choked on the battery! Thank you, Rainbow Nightlight, for allowing me to sleep soundly again!

Use Video

This is quite literally showing visitors to your website how your product or service can help them. Make a quick video demonstrating how your product works and how it differs from the typical nightlight. Or create a video series answering common personal injury questions or walking potential clients through the process of working with your firm.

Showing your readers the benefits of hiring you or buying your product, rather than merely telling them your product or service is great, differentiates you from competitors and could be more convincing to readers who are deciding whether to do business with you.

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