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February 8, 2010 – It’s almost Valentines Day, and with all that love in the air, why not show your local customers some love by improving and optimizing your local search listings?

Having a solid and accurate local search listing is vital for any company with a brick and mortar location or any service-oriented company that is confined by physical limitations (a plumber in Baltimore can’t fix someone’s pipes in San Diego). That’s why whether you have one physical address or a multitude of branches around the country, you need to optimize your locations for local searches.

Optimizing Your Content for Local Search

You can optimize your local search listings by first creating a local search listing on Google for all of your physical locations (make sure to use your SEO Keywords in the descriptions, etc.). This will help your location appear when someone types in a search for your type of business near your location.

On your website, you can also help search engines direct customers to your website by creating a location page with all of the correct addresses of your stores, offices, etc. along with their phone numbers as well as include geographically specific SEO keywords in your content, internal links, calls to action, and other areas of your content where appropriate.

Of course, none of this will work unless you ensure all of your local search listings include the most up to date and accurate addresses for your locations. If you’ve recently changed locations, opened a new branch, etc. be sure your local listings reflect those changes!

Get more ideas on optimizing your local search opportunities!

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