Smartphones keep you in touch with the World

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With the growth in smartphones, many people are finding these devices to be a primary source of information about the world around us. Among the incredible and fast-growing variety of mobile internet applications available, more and more are geared towards news and social interaction.

Among the most popular websites among smartphone users are Facebook and Twitter. Both of these have millions of members around the globe. Both have mobile Internet websites that make it faster and easier to get access from your smartphone. These and many others also offer free downloads of their own mobile applications for a variety of different smartphones to connect directly.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others make it easy to receive and share information with others. It can be anything from short messages between friends to major news items broadcast globally. Such websites are being used by opposition leaders in efforts to bring down the government of Iran, for example. Yet such services are also frequently used to set up a time to meet a friend for coffee.

Among many circles, people are expected to have a smartphone to enable them to stay in touch wherever they roam. Once you have decided to join in, however, it’s still a tough decision. For example, CNET lists roughly 400 different smartphones from more than 30 different manufacturers.

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