Snapshot: Are You Including Images with Your SEO Content? You Should!

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August 17, 2009 – The latest search research says people are turning to images more and more, both as a part of SEO content and through image searches (via Mediapost).

Google and Microsoft are both reporting that people are conducting more image searches online as well choosing content that contains also contains an image in search results, and that consumers spend more time on pages that include images with their text.

According to one study by Microsoft, it takes the average Internet user 20% less time to understand the content on any given page when accompanied by an image. Microsoft also found that 40% of overall image queries relate to commercial websites, inlcuding travel and shopping.

Besides boosting your search engine results, including images with your SEO content is a great way to heighten the visual appeal of your website and give consumers some insight into your products. So get those cameras out and give your website an image overhaul.

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