Social Media Advent Calendar Day 1 – Don’t Dwell on Complaints

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Before the first social media gift, we’d like to shout out to Fast Company where the inspiration for our topics came from. Their 36 Rules of Social Media infographic is full of the sometimes unspoken truths of social media marketing. While their focus seems to be a bit more on eCommerce and retail companies, that’s not to say that professional services can’t benefit from some of their tips, too!

That’s why we’ll be breaking down our top tips and explaining how your professional business can benefit from this knowledge. These are the practices that help make We Do Web Content one of the premier web content services inSouth Florida– we know good content and how to get it to your clients!

Without further ado…

If All You Do Is Respond To Complaints, That’s All People Will Send You

Your social media accounts are not complaint departments. You shouldn’t be focusing your content solely on responding to complaints or negative feedback. Social media is first and foremost a method of marketing your business to encourage sharing, networking, and interaction with potential clients or customers.

Of course, on social networking sites you’re bound to get some negative feedback or complaints – even big companies like Nike and McDonalds can’t avoid this. Part of being in business is learning you can’t please everyone, and there are plenty of opportunities to voice complaints on the Internet.

After responding to a complaint, allow it to influence your content. If you had complaints about an attorney in your law firm not responding quickly to e-mails, after addressing the issue, follow up with some helpful content on why communication is important when working with an attorney – and then highlight that on your social media accounts and encourage interaction.

Your social media shouldn’t function as a forum for voicing complaints. It should primarily offer information and substance that potential clients find useful, not focus on the issues others have had with your company. But be careful not to completely ignore the issues your clients bring up.

Don’t Ignore Complaints, but Don’t Dwell On Them, Either

Social media channels like Facebook have made client-company interaction much easier and public, which means your complaint department is pretty much wide open for everyone to read. It’s okay to remove vulgar or spammy posts, but respond to legitimate complaints rather than bury them.

Consumers love to know that a business cares about their needs and opinions. Think about your own interactions with companies. Follow-up surveys, call backs, and thank you notes are just a few ways companies let their clients know they’re happy to have their business and want to make sure they are satisfied. A negative comment should never be disregarded – it should be addressed; just make sure answering complaints isn’t your social media’s main focus.

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