Social Media Advent Calendar Day 10 – Everyone’s an Influencer

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Social media is the new method of influencing clients through content. But did you realize that just as your social media content can influence your followers and clients, your clients can become influencers themselves.

Today’s social media truth is: Everyone’s an influencer.*

Let Your Clients Shape Your Content

Tracking the reach of and response to your content is an important step in fostering a successful social media content campaign. There’s no use in churning out quality social media content if you’re not analyzing the response you’re getting from your clients.

Watch for what strikes a positive chord with followers and clients. After a while, you’ll begin to notice trends in which topics or social media channels work best for your outreach. Let this define your future content.

There’s something to be learned from content failures, too. If you see that a particular topic or method bombs, you know what areas to steer clear of in the future.

By Influencing Clients, They Can Influence Others

Marketing to clients is not always a one-on-one ordeal. There are the direct marketing methods like phone calls or personal e-mails that can do wonders for certain industries, but the world of social media content is designed to be more widespread.

The content you generate and distribute through social media channels is designed to be shared, and that’s where your clients become your workers. It starts with having great content that fosters sharing, and then it’s up to your clients to influence others.

After you impress your clients with the information or entertainment value of your content, they may keep the momentum going by sharing your content with others. Your job is to make the content attractive for sharing; your clients will do the rest.

Professional services like law firms often believe that once clients have resolved their case, they don’t have to continue to follow up with them. Never give in to this myth! Your satisfied clients are one of the most powerful tools in your social media marketing arsenal. Once they’ve experienced your services, they can become a living testimonial and promotional tool.

Keep your business on their radar by sending monthly newsletters, inviting them to connect on Facebook, and mailing holiday greetings. Remind them that you’re still there if they need you again, but more importantly, that you can be of service to their friends and family as well.

Through their social media profiles, your clients are influencers. When they like your content, share your blogs, or forward your newsletters, they are showing your content to other potential clients. That’s the true power of social media – sharing content with others.

Influence Your Clients First With Quality Web Content

Your clients can’t influence you or others if they don’t have some great content with which to interact. At We Do Web Content we create memorable, informative content that helps businesses connect with customers and grow their client base.

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* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.