Social Media Advent Calendar Day 12 – Update Your Page

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Social media is only effective if your content is working to promote your business’s credibility. If your content is outdated and your social media profiles have not been updated in weeks, viewers may take that as a sign that you’re not invested in sharing with or reaching out to clients.

Today’s social media tip is: Update your page, or delete it.*

A Stale Page is Bad for Business

You don’t want social media venues to stay stagnant for long with old content. Just like real-world socialization, most of us don’t live in our homes all year and venture out only once a month. Your content should be the same, constantly out there socializing with potential clients!

When potential clients or followers make their way to your social media page or website, they’re likely going to look to your content for your business’s latest news and information. If your last blog post was months ago, and your most current social media update wasn’t within the past few days, they might question your outreach to clients or your dedication to keeping current with industry news and updates.

Stale, stagnant content is bad for your SEO rankings as well. Search engine rankings thrive on the freshness of content just as social media profiles do – meaning you need to update regularly with quality material.

Do It Right or Don’t Do it At All

Don’t feel that you MUST utilize every single social media platform available. Pick a few with which you’re comfortable, you know how to use to your advantage, and you know you can keep updated with current content.

If you force your business to have social media profiles that just don’t mesh well with your services, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Clients will go to your profiles looking for quality content, and if you’re not delivering it they’re going to get turned off.

When picking what forms of social media to utilize in your marketing campaign, be mindful of how likely you think it is that you’ll be able to keep it updated with fresh content. If you don’t think you can give it appropriate attention – skip it and focus on the venues you know will help your content perform and promote your business!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed Managing Your Social Media – We Can Help!

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* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.