Social Media Advent Calendar Day 17 – Don’t Always Sell Yourself

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Because social media is a personal form of sharing media you should remember that while it’s a great marketing tool, it should still be treated as SOCIAL media. When you talk face to face with someone, you’re not constantly trying to sell them on your business, so why should you do this with all of your content?

Today’s social media truth is: People don’t want to shop where they socialize.*

Your Social Media Content is Not a Sales Pitch

Sure, you want to sell your product or service through your content, but you definitely do not want to make it the focus of all your articles, blogs, and other social media. The We Do Web Content writing team likes to take a soft-sell approach. We focus on making the majority of the content as informative and engaging as possible, then finish up with information on how to contact our clients. In some cases, depending on the client and his or her wishes, we won’t include a call to action at all for some pieces.

This approach gives the reader plenty of content to consume that hopefully answers their question or inspires them to take action, and then the end of the piece gives them a final answer to what else they can do for themselves. If your content just says “call me, e-mail me, contact me” and doesn’t give your readers a good reason WHY, it’s a sales pitch and nothing more.

Social Media Content Needs to be a Social Sell

You might call our strategy “social selling” because when most people are shopping for a product or service, they want information, not a wordy sales pitch. By peppering our content with information on how to contact our clients for more information, you’re blending the sales pitch into the important bits of content potential clients are looking for.

Some topics for our legal clients even deal directly with questions their potential clients may have regarding the service they’re selling, i.e. legal representation, such as:

  • how an attorney will help your legal case;
  • when can you settle a case on your own;
  • reasons to hire an attorney;
  • types of cases that do not need an attorney;
  • how an attorney can improve your settlement value;
  • benefits of working with an attorney; and
  • questions to ask an attorney before hiring.

While we are providing this information or answering these questions, we also remind the reader that our client’s law firm has more answers to their legal needs. Our call to action is always reiterated in the content: call the office to learn more, get our book, or schedule a consultation.

Once your potential client has read one of the above articles, they’ll be more informed and empowered – doesn’t sound so much like a sales pitch now, does it?

Let We Do Web Content Sell Your Business Socially

Would you post an article that read like a sales pitch to your Facebook wall? Probably not. The social media content you distribute should be informative and interesting enough to share – and We Do Web Content can provide the articles, blogs, and social media content to do just that!

You can contact us through our web form, or just call us at 888-594-5442 to discuss how our services can apply to your particular web marketing, social media or content needs.

* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.