Social Media Advent Calendar Day 2 – Your Voice

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For social media it’s all about making more personal connections. When you’re interacting socially, whether online or in person, it’s usually pretty easy to tell when someone’s being fake in representing who they are. This is frustrating for any situation, whether you’re striking up a casual conversation at a party or reading a blog entry on a business’ website.

Today we’re asking you to stop and think before your next social media interaction: Would an ACTUAL person talk that way?

Writing Social Media for Real People

Your social media is not a sales pitch. Sure, businesses use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to market to customers all day, but the successful social media campaigns realize that social media is first and foremost a world of personal, genuine interactions. Sales happen because customers become comfortable with the brand or company on a more personal level.

It’s a process that your content can help complete if you have the right voice for your media. When developing content for your social media interactions you need to be aware of to whom you are speaking.

Finding the Right Voice for Your Content

When writing content, designing a brochure, or shooting a video, it’s important to watch the tone and language you use in these types of social media. To find the right voice you need to know your audience. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the level of my potential clients’ education?
  • Do my clients understand technical jargon from my industry?
  • Is humor appropriate for my industry and clients?
  • Do I have a local or national client base?

For some businesses, you can catch clients’ attention with a humorous video on a local topic, but others will benefit from a general, straight-laced and informative blog post. Social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all process, which is where working with a web content company like We Do Web Content can be of great help.

Proofread Before You Post to Social Media Channels

We’re not just talking avoiding typos here; we’re talking about making sure your social media content is viable for your readers. You should be your first editor – read through or watch your content while thinking in the mind of your clients. Will this appeal to them? Is this something they would enjoy and share?

Pass it along to some friends and colleagues first, get their opinions. It’s especially beneficial when someone you know fits your potential client profile. Have that person read through your content and give you feedback.

Try to keep in mind that you are writing for your clients, and your clients will read or watch your content like humans, not search engines. Therefore, if you’re optimizing for keywords (and you should be!), make sure the content reads well for the human first, and search engines second. Readers won’t share content that reads like it was written for (or by) a robot!

Let We Do Web Content Handle Your Social Media Content

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Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.