Social Media Advent Calendar Day 5 – Always Respond

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If your social media content is talking to empty air, you’re not utilizing your resources to their maximum potential! Social media is a two-way street; you should be using your content to communicate to potential clients, but you should also be listening to what they have to say.

Of course, listening is one thing, but to truly be a social media master you need to also acknowledge that you’re paying attention. This means communicating socially with clients who interact with your content.

Today’s social media rule is: “Always write back.”*

Businesses Need to Respond to Client Comments

The need to interact and respond to clients through social media is growing at a quick pace. Right now most businesses believe a simple “Thanks for the comment” post is enough to acknowledge client interaction with their content. As noted by CMS Wire, Carol Rozwell, Vice President of the Gartner IT research company, argues that by 2014 responding to clients on social media will be a minimal level of response.

This raises two questions: what more can you do to respond, and how can you handle responding to every client?

Going Above and Beyond the Normal Content Response

As more and more businesses get into the social media marketing game, your company should strive to stand out when it comes to customer correspondence. A simple “Thanks” may no longer cut it.

One suggestion we like to give is that you don’t just acknowledge their comments, you act on them. If a client writes a comment on your blog thanking you for the information you gave them, respond with not only a “thank you for reading” but also offer to give them more.

Some of the additional content you can give them can include:

  • links to similar blog posts or articles on your website;
  • link to follow you on other social networking sites;
  • offer your eBook; and
  • link to subscribe to your newsletter.

Depending on the nature of the interaction with the client, one or more of these responses can be appropriate, but don’t bombard them with too much extra content. Sometimes it’s enough to send a simple link to your Facebook page with a comment informing them that you syndicate other helpful content there.

Now that you have a better idea of how to respond, we still need to answer the question of how to respond to all of those client interactions.

To Respond or Not to Respond, That is the Question.

Big companies like McDonald’s and Nike get thousands of responses to their social media channels every day, and they don’t respond to all of them. When making the decision to respond to a client’s interaction with your social media you need to decide what interaction is response-worthy, and what isn’t.

Not every business will generate enough client interaction to have this worry, which means that pretty much any interaction you get does need a response. But some companies may become overwhelmed with client contacts.

It’s time for triage – look at the level of involvement your client put into interacting with your social media content. If it was just a “this is cool”, just smile, nod, and move on. But if they took the time to draft a glowing review, or even an extended rant, it may deserve some acknowledgement. Don’t forget that if someone is sharing your social media content, you can benefit from giving them a share back as well – it’s social networking!

We Provide Social Media Content to Generate Client Interaction

At We Do Web Content we believe social media content isn’t useful unless it prompts your clients to socialize with your business. Every piece of content we develop is designed to inform, entertain, educate and ultimately convert readers into clients.

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*Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.