Social Media Advent Calendar Day 6 – Get in the Social Spotlight

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Social media is content designed to engage two parties in a social aspect. In your case, you are the business party, and you’re attempting to socially connect with new and existing clients. The party you’re connecting with is a human being – so shouldn’t your social media have a face and a name, too?

Today’s social media truth is, “People would rather talk to ‘Comcast Melissa’ than “Comcast’.”*

You Are the Face and Voice of Your Business

The goal of social media is to make a more personal connection to your clients. If your business is hiding behind a corporate logo and name, how are you ever going to make friends on the Internet?

People don’t form social relationships with a business; they connect to the people who run them. Let your social media step outside of the corporate voice and go for the human touch.

Your social media profiles and websites should have some personal touches to show the faces and names of those who make up your business. Even if you’re a one-attorney law firm you have an image that’s much more attractive to interact with socially than a company logo and a name that ends in “LLC” or “Inc.”.

Give Customers a Name and a Face to Socialize With

When handling customer complaints via social media, it’s important to give them a human connection to interact with. According to John Kuhn and Mark Mullins, business consultants and authors of Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People, two of the top seven customer complaints for service issues are that they can’t connect to a knowledgeable person in theU.S. and when they finally do, that person doesn’t have a genuine concern for their issue.

Automated phone menus, hard to navigate customer service web pages, and ignored comment forums are among the top complaints from customers when they try to get the attention of a business. Make sure your customers know they’re interacting with a real human being when they reach out to you whether to complain or praise.

Personally Responding to Praise Is Even More Important

Social media isn’t all about complaints. The human touch is even more important when you’re receiving praise about your business on a social networking site or blog. Failing to respond to clients praising your services can be worse than ignoring a complaint – why ignore positive interaction?

If you love getting happy comments and notes on your blogs and social content, make sure you let clients know! For example, on Facebook you have a client commenting to thank you for your recent post about the 2013 Social Security disability benefit increase. Your next step should be to comment back to acknowledge the comment and then offer more information or help.

However, instead of posting as the Smith Disability Law Firm, pop out of your business account and into your personal account – thank them as John Smith the attorney from Smith Disability Law Firm. Take the extra few seconds to thank them personally as a member of your business, not the business itself, and it’ll speak volumes more to the client.

We Can Help You Get In the Social Media Spotlight

If you truly want to embrace social media, put your voice, face and name into your content. This means stepping outside the authoritative box once in a while and posting some human interest content about your office, or giving your personal touch on a business-related topic. Whatever mutually interests you and your clients should be fodder for your social media content.

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*Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.