Social Media Advent Calendar Day 8 – Not Everything Works

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Not everything you post to social media is going to be a homerun, and social media might not be the best method of marketing for some businesses. Guess what, that’s okay! Not all industries benefit from the social aspect of social media (but most do), and not all of your social media campaigns will bring in tons of clients or customers.

But don’t let that turn you off to new media marketing ideas. Either take the plunge on your own, or let a company like We Do Web Content find the best content marketing methods for your business growth.

Today’s social media truth is: Not everything will work, and that’s fine.*

Testing the Social Media Waters

The Internet is a funny thing. It allows for nearly instant feedback from your clients thanks to social media, yet that social aspect also means any blunders are highly public. One of the best examples of how social media can ruin an image are celebrity Twitter accounts. One off-color tweet and you could lose legions of fans, even if it’s taken down immediately.

Don’t let this scare you! Social media is still a friendly venue for most businesses’ promotional content. You just need to be mindful of how you interact on your social networking profiles and what methods you use to promote your content, as well as the content itself.

Social networking sites are a great place to experiment with client interaction because the response can be instant. And if you’re not getting an instant response, it’s a sign that you’re not hitting your clients’ range of interest. That’s not a bad thing, though, it’s a learning tool!

What to Do When Things Don’t Work Out

Social media is a world of comparisons. No one is born knowing how social media will best benefit their business – it takes trial and error, or the help of an expert. If you’re attempting to socialize on your own and don’t know where to start, look to your competitors. See how they’re using social media to expand their content and build their client base. Don’t directly copy them, but learn from their successes and build upon them for your own business.

If you’re really burned by a social media failure, and we’ve all been there, it may be time to call in the pros. At We Do Web Content we’ve been improving our social media management skills for years and we’re constantly learning from our own successes and failures.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may remember our Browser Photo Contest where we offered an iTouch as part of a contest in which fans had to like our page, take a picture using a cutout of our mascot, Browser, and upload it to our wall. We quickly learned that Facebook at the time did not allow contests that required someone to like your page to enter and the contest was shut down before it could get any publicity.

Of course, we learned a lesson there, and there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake when you learn from it!

Don’t Make the Mistake of Trusting Just Anyone with Your Social Media Content!

Avoid making rookie social media content mistakes and let the social media content marketing team at We Do Web Content do the work for you. Our writers and editors dedicate themselves to providing you with the optimized content to engage your readers, and our social media managers find the best venues to get your content in the hands of potential clients.

We Do Web Content can help generate a social business presence across social networking channels and your own websites. Call us or contact us on our website to discuss how our services can help grow your web content and social media presence. 888-594-5442

* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic.