Social Media Advent Calendar Day 9 – Embrace Negative Content

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In July of this year, a hoax left residents in a remote Alaskan town pining for Taco Bell after fliers announcing the fast food chain’s debut in Bethel, Alaska turned out to be a hoax. Residents of the town were largely disappointed. While the company had nothing to do with the fliers or the hoax, Taco Bell sent, via helicopter, a truck containing 10,000 tacos to the small town and promoted the stunt on social media. The hoax got national attention, and so did the company’s response.

Today’s social media tip is: Embrace negative content about your brand.*

Check out the full story on Taco Bell’s excellent reponse to negative content about their brand!

While your business might never see negative attention on a national scale, use any negative content as an opportunity to spark positive content. It’s human nature that we all don’t see eye to eye and there might be cases where you can’t control what others will say or do – like the taco hoax. The important thing to realize is that you have control over how you answer any negative content.

Responding to Negative Content About Your Business

Negative content can come in many forms. From simple things like a poor review on Yelp to a full blog post blasting your company – there are many degrees of content and they all warrant a response in some way.

One of the classic examples is the bad user review on a social media profile. Local business listings where users are allowed to leave reviews, ratings and comments are a prime social media venue for promoting your business. But just like any social media venue, it’s a double-edged sword.

Don’t panic or get frustrated if you see negative content about your business. Just like any business communications, you need to respond respectfully to negative content that seeks to incite a response from your business.

Most review sites do not allow business owners to remove reviews – they want the honest opinions of consumers. Therefore, when you get a bad review you get two choices – ignore it or embrace it. If it’s not obvious yet, you’re going to want to embrace it to save social media face.

Don’t Make Excuses – Make Amends

When replying to negative content about your business don’t go on the defense like a cornered animal. Instead, address the complaint’s concern and rectify it. If they were annoyed with poor customer service, tell them how you have improved (or are planning to improve). If you don’t have an answer to fix the issue, ask what they would like to see your business do to resolve the situation. Sometimes the best “I’m sorry” is a “What can we do to improve our product/service for you and other clients?”

Of course, if it’s a bogus claim, or there is a legitimate reason for the customer’s content against you, you need to acknowledge that as well. We Do Web Content handled a situation where a reviewer had left a comment on a local business listing complaining about a former employee of the company. Instead of panicking, we drafted a reply letting the client know that that employee no longer worked for the business and that if there were still lingering issues to contact the office.

Let We Do Web Content Handle Your Web Content!

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* Blog adapted from Fast Company’s ’36 Rules of Social Media’ infographic