Social Media + Email and the Power of Mixed Media Messaging

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A recent article by Loren McDonald about email marketing strategies hit a great point concerning how social media and email can play off of each other to maximize corporate communications.

The article touched on “stair step” messaging, meaning using different marketing channels to get your message out to customers in the most efficient way possible.

Different messaging systems all have their pros and cons and be used for a variety of online marketing purposes. Using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as corporate blogs and SMS texting are great way to instantly send information and links to your customers about the latest happenings at your company.

Email, however is another important step in the equation both as a follow-up to content mentioned in the short posts as well as delivering your online marketing copy to customers not subscribed to your social networks or blogs.

The article also touched on the importance of combining the type of message you are sending with the best medium to send it with. Behavioral research shows that people respond more to emails that focus on purchase behaviors and personal interests than emails that only take about the latest sale.

Social media however, is a great way to broadcast a new website promotion to your fans, plus the posts provide trackable results to measure your message’s success — just make sure to vary your social media content like you would any SEO copy on your website with informative and entertaining posts as well.

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