Social Media Marketing is for Everyone

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Blog Series: Choosing Your Social Media

June 20, 2011 
– More social media madness this week as we talk about how to determine the best services to use. Not every business is the same, and some industries work better with certain social media marketing methods than others.

We Do Web Content caters to a wide variety of business types, so don’t think “oh, my business isn’t a good one to market with social media” – the truth is anyone can find marketing success if they work on the right social network with the right content company!


While it’s true that some social media networks are more geared toward certain business types than others, there are unique ways to make them work for any industry if you’re willing to think outside the box. Many companies have pioneered the social media landscape for their industry by being the first to try a marketing method.

There’s also been many new social networks popping up that are specific to certain industries. We’ll get into them on Friday, but just know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Many industry professionals saw the need for a social network that meets the needs of their business – and they found it by making it.

This week we’re exploring the big 3 – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – and give some general tips on how to make the most of marketing on these social networks. But if you’re looking for personal advice on how to make social media work as a marketing tool for your business, let We Do Web Content help!

Our social media syndication service manages your accounts and helps get your existing content out to the millions of social media users on the Internet. This is one time that the fact thateverything sent on the Internet has the potential to be seen by anyone is a GOOD thing.

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