Social Media Marketing is Where Web Content Flourishes

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The Why Content for SEO? infographic we blogged about yesterday had another section that piqued our interest – social media marketing. As a web content company, we’re always interested in discovering the best methods to get our clients’ content in the hands of their target audiences, and it’s no secret that social media is the way to go.

Social Media is Where the Web Content’s At

Social media marketing is the current face of Internet marketing. The big three venues most marketers focus on are Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which have a commanding presence in how users obtain and interact with web content. Sharing is the name of the game here, and the more your web content is shared between users, the more potential clients you may be reaching.

The search engines are looking at social networks for sources of search results. If you’ve optimized it correctly, your Plantation injury law firm’s Facebook page is a potential search result for “Plantation injury law firm”. Your tweets are indexed by Google, so the more you tweet about personal injury and Plantation the more relevant your account will be to the search engines.

There are roughly 27 million pieces of web content shared on a daily basis. While some evergreen pieces are continuously circulated (just think about those chain e-mails you’ve seen a dozen times), you need fresh web content to keep your social momentum going. One in five social media interactions contain links to web content – wouldn’t it be great if that was a link to your website or blog?

We’ve Always Had Social Media Marketing

Even before the major social media venues, potential clients shared content socially. Clever advertisements in print, TV or radio mediums are often discussed amongst peers and family members. How many times did somebody ask you, “Whassup?” in the early 2000s? Probably a lot.

Social interactions spread the word about whatever brand put the ads out – in this case Budweiser – and this became a method of social media marketing that didn’t rely on Facebook.

We are social animals and discussing the web content we consume is just the latest method of social marketing to come into play. In today’s industry, you must keep up with the trends, but you also want to work outside the box.

In short: don’t focus solely on Facebook for your social media marketing. Your web content can perform in many more venues!

Remember, Social Media Marketing Goes Beyond Facebook

Don’t focus your marketing efforts only on the big three of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media reaches beyond the social network platforms – it is any instance where web content is shared between others. It could be a simple act like a client showing your website to a co-worker passing by their desk.

Printed materials can become social media marketing and therefore a portal to your website when you include QR codes on your business cards and brochures. Any time a client sees your TV ad and visits your website after seeing the address written at the bottom of the screen, they’re getting your social media marketing materials through a non-Facebook/Twitter/Google+ portal.

Focus on producing valuable content and the “social” aspect will follow whether in the form of digital or traditional social media.

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