Social Media Marketing with Infographics – Yes You Can!

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Social media marketing is a multi-step process and not all types of web content will be simple to produce. Newsletters need require proper formatting and distribution, videos require sound skills and talent, and then there’s the wonderful world of graphics. Infographics to be precise.

Tech news site BitRebels partnered with the NowSourcing infographics company to produce aninfographic on infographics. One of the stats shared is that social media marketing posts that contained infographics were 832 percent more likely to be shared than traditional posts containing images and articles. In the sample set, the infographic post received 1,091 actions that included ‘Likes’, retweets, page views, and other means of sharing, whereas content with just plain text or traditional graphics were only shared 243 times.

With results like these, it’s time to see how your business can benefit from infographics!

Put Your Knowledge into Infographics

Infographics are one of the most widely distributed types of social media content on the Web. They’re the new generation of how we share information, and a new page in the social media marketing playbook. There are many types of infographics, from purely educational to entertaining yet informative. The main purpose of an infographic is to provide information, which makes it excellent social media content!

Your potential clients are searching for information related to your industry. Articles are great, but for more complex subjects, or the drier side of your business, some visuals can help spice things up.

Visual learning is a great way to convey information in a more pleasing format than pages of text. Especially in industries such as legal services, where the subject matter may not be very easy to understand, infographics are a great, fresh way to communicate these kinds of subjects.

Infographics rely first and foremost on the information they are presenting. As a professional in your industry, you know all the ins and outs of the hot topics your clients need to know about. Therefore, compiling the information necessary to build an infographic can be as simple as jotting notes on a legal pad!

We Do Web Content is here to help your business develop great content that can easily be turned into professional, informative infographics to boost your social media marketing.

From Content to Concept to Copy – How Infographics Are Made

If you’ve been producing quality content on your website, you probably already have a handful of informative articles just begging to be turned into infographics. Once you’ve got a topic, it’s a matter of organizing the information into the key points that need to be expressed visually.

You want the information you convey to be the meat of the topic – enough to inform, but not too much that your infographic gets too wordy or boring. Remember that infographics are designed to inform in an easily understood manner – if your clients need more info you want them to contact you directly!

After outlining your information and organizing, there are plenty of professional graphic services that will develop your ideas into a beautiful image worthy of social media marketing. Content with images that catch the eye are much more likely to be shared!

Get Your Infographics Out There with Social Media Marketing

An infographic that sits on your website is only doing half the work – you need to get it out there! Many infographic sharing social media sites have popped up to create databases to collect all these great pieces of informational content. Once you get your infographics on a few of these directories and sharing sites and post them out in your own social media channels, you’ll begin developing a reputation in your industry for producing quality, informative content!

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