Social Media Reviews & Interaction as Part of Your Legal Marketing Strategy

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Think about all the times you’ve heard praise about the web content on your site. It makes you feel good, knowing others value your information, right? Well, it’s time to pay that compliment to others – by writing reviews through the social media marketing of other companies.

Why review other local businesses?

Just how you love it when others talk about and promote your services, other companies love to hear you putting in good words about their business. If you use specific businesses for office supplies, catering, etc., let them know and tell others why!

Social media marketing efforts by local companies often includes monitoring and responding to others who mention them. Tweet that you just bought Frappuccinos for your morning meeting from a local coffee shop or that the company luncheon is going to feature food from a local restaurant and include their @ Twitter handle. Their social media team will probably pick up on mentions and could retweet or respond to your tweet.

Reviewing Businesses as Your Law Firm

Merchant Circle is a popular local business listing directory that encourages local business-to-business connections. When you set up a new profile, they suggest that you endorse other local businesses from other industries. This is done to encourage local businesses to support each other by showing their own clients that they trust specific merchants for their needs.

For example, if your office frequently orders pizza from a local pizza place, write them a nice review on their Google Local listing. This does several things:

  • it helps that restaurant obtain a Zagat rating on their listing (Google doesn’t generate this until a listing has at least 10 reviews, good or bad);
  • it shows your law firm is actually invested in your community and isn’t just a satellite office; and
  • it encourages that restaurant to acknowledge your patronage.

The last point is an important one – and we’re not just talking about getting some free pizza coupons. When another business sees reviews from loyal customers, best practice social media marketing for these companies is to reward the interaction. While you can always ask that they review you back (if they’ve used your services), the interaction can encourage them to keep your law firm in mind if they or their customers need legal services.

A pizza place isn’t the first thing you’d think of when it comes to finding new clients for your law firm – but even hungry diners need an attorney sometimes! The next time you’re in the building of a local establishment that your law firm uses or frequents, see if they have promotional materials from other local businesses. If they’re open to sharing marketing space with other local companies, showing them some support through local review sites and social media interactions can help forge stronger community and business relations!

There’s a lot more to social media marketing for companies and law firms aside from reviewing other businesses. We Do Web Content is here to help with the Internet marketing strategies that work for lawyers! Give us a call today at 888-521-3880 or fill out our contact form to speak with our sales manager about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through Internet and SEO marketing.