Social Media Risks for Businesses: Part 2

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June 15, 2010 – In Part 1 of “Social Media Risks for Businesses,” we talked about viruses and malware, brand hijacking, and lack of corporate control. You also have to consider the fact that your social media profiles are the Internet face of your law firm. Your company conduct with clients, employees and colleagues is publically viewable and it’s important to remember this.

By engaging in open discussions with others through your social media profiles, you are opening the potential for establishing an expectation of your attention. Some clients may see your social media profile as a place to obtain free legal advice. While open dialogue with your fans is encouraged, you should be careful not to start giving legal advice over these channels.

If a potential client is showing interest in having your advice on their case, don’t attempt to hold a pseudo-consultation on a Facebook wall. Instead, offer your services in a more confidential setting, such as your office where they can schedule a consultation. Clients may sometimes have an unreasonable expectation that you’ll be responding to their needs on your social media channels within seconds, when in reality, that’s a poor choice of client interaction.

Rounding out the top 5 biggest risks to businesses with social media is the mis-management of record-management regulations. Depending on the social media platform, maintaining an archive of communications may not be a recommended approach. Social media has recently become tangible evidence in many legal cases, mostly domestic and criminal suits, and any records created through these sites have the potential to bring about adverse legal actions.

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