Social Media Success is More than ROI

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November 2, 2009 – When it comes to social media, or any major marketing budget spending, you want to be able to track your progress and see if your ROI (return on investment) is bringing dollars in or just bleeding them out. What’s important to keep in mind is that while some amount of your social media spending is trackable (how much you are spending vs your click-through/conversion rates), not every aspect of social media is trackable and therefore unmeasurable results must be considered.

We can’t track everything. If you write a great blog or link to a great blog on LinkedIn or Twitter, etc. it may get passed around a few times. It may even change forms and then people are commenting on your company and not your post. Then other people see that discussion and Google your company name, which leads to your website. It would be impossible to track how they learned about your company without having them fill out a form, but at least in this case, it was initially through social media.

There are hundreds of possible examples of similar situations where people learn about your legal services through a social media outlet, but visit your website through a search engine. Part of the beauty of social media is the speed and breadth of how quickly a post or even just a name, can spread through the Internet; however, we have not yet mastered the ability to track every thought process and movement involved.

Of course it is important to track what you can to learn from your mistakes and decide which strategies are working out for you the most, but always consider the flip side, the untrackable side when looking at your social media ROI. There’s more there than you will ever really know.

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