Social Media Syndication Tips: 4 Guidelines for Content Topics

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Not all social media content is created equally, and some topics will be more suitable for sharing than others. Remember that you want to use only the most engaging content in your social media syndication to increase the chances that it will be shared by your followers and fans.

Here are a few guidelines to remember when making the choice to share or not to share:

  • Is the topic relevant? Some types of content, like news pieces, are time-sensitive. Posting a blog entry you wrote 2 months ago probably won’t be very likely to be shared unless there have been new developments.
  • How long is the content? The Internet is all about quick access. Longer articles are sometimes less likely to be fully reviewed, while shorter blogs – especially those with a bullet list of tips or steps – tend to be more attractive.
  • Is the content housed on YOUR website? There are several places you can post your content but you’ll get the best chance at client conversion when you link directly to your own website and not to where your article is housed on a directory.
  • Are you thinking about the season? Seasonal content is by far one of the best ways to increase the relevance and “share-ability” of your content. Just make sure you’re posting the right content at the right time of year!

By following simple guidelines like these you can increase the usefulness of your social media content marketing. Of course, the best way to increase your web content marketing is to set upsocial media syndication services with We Do Web Content!

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