Social Media Syndication Tips: Sharing Links on Your Facebook Page

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It’s not enough to just post a link to your Facebook page and leave it to fend for itself. Taking notice how and when you post links to your content makes all the difference in how successful and “share-able” it is on social networks.

First, time your posts. When are your clients most likely to be active on Facebook? Studies have shown that there is higher traffic on weekends and evenings when users are out of work or school, and traffic also increases right before the work/school day or during lunch.

Next, make sure that you’re posting content that’s worth posting. Relevance and interest are 2 key points when selecting content that’s “share-able” and will generate the most circulation among followers. Useful, funny, or interesting content is always preferred over dry articles full of industry jargon.

Consider the form you use to post social media content. Facebook often allows a content link to be accompanied by a thumbnail graphic to help attract readers to that story. Not all websites will allow for this, so it may be something you need to coordinate with your webmaster.

Finally, don’t just paste the link URL into the status box and hit “post” – that’s not engaging at all! You need to write a lead-in to really grab your followers’ attention. You’ve got 200-some words at your disposal to really “sell” your content – make the most of it!

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