Social Media Tips for a Happy Halloween!

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October 30, 2009 – Tomorrow is Halloween, a notoriously spooky day for tricks, treats, funny costumes, wild parties, haunting tales, and lots of surprises. We hope that everyone out there has a safe and happy Halloween, and just to be sure your Halloween happenings don’t come back to haunt you, please keep the following social media safety tips in mind!

1. Keep Your Secret Identity a Secret – Yes, there will be a lot of Halloween parties. Ridiculous costumes, drinks, and shenanigans will abound, just don’t post any pictures of your Halloween fun on your professional/business social media profiles. If you decide to post them online on your personal profile(s), make sure your privacy settings are where they should be! The last thing you want is for a potential client to Google your name and see you in a Gorilla costume. Kindly advise other friendly party-goers not to publish pictures of you online either, or if so, not to include your full name.

2. Don’t Accept Candy From Strangers – If you are at a Halloween party that happens to include a little networking AND you’ve been drinking, exchange business cards and tell them you’ll be in touch next week. After a few drinks and a lot of sugar you may find yourself making compromising statements you normally wouldn’t. Play it safe, keep the business talk for times when you are not wearing a clown nose.

3. Don’t Embarrass Your Friends or Yourself – Yes, perhaps it was funny when Frank from accounting got up on a bar and danced the hula at your annual Halloween bash, but there is no need to tell the world about it! Just like you would not want friends, employees, co-workers, or clients to tell everyone what a crazy lush you were (with your name and full details) all over the Internet, respect the working relationships and reputations of those around you and don’t post compromising information about them on your social network.

Most importantly, have a Spooky and Safe Halloween from everyone at We Do Web Content!

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