Social Network with Other Lawyers on Tweetlaw

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October 5, 2009 – Social networking is a great way to build community awareness for your practice and network with potential business contacts and clients online, but sometimes it’s nice to have a peer community with the same social benefits. Well if you are a lawyer, there’s a social network just for you called Tweetlaw.

Tweetlaw is a social networking application that works exactly like Twitter, except focused on legal professionals (instead of just anybody). Through Tweetlaw you can find other lawyers in your area, field, etc. build relationships, network, share ideas, and promote your website.

After signing up with Tweetlaw through your Twitter account, you can fill out a detailed, full page profile without any character limits, and choose up to 4 categories that describe your legal niche. Then it’s just as easy as answering the simple Twitter question, “What are you doing?” and sharing your tweets with the legal world.

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