Special Offers Draw Attention To Your Local Business Listings

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When creating local business listings for your company several directories give the option of creating a coupon, special offer, or deal to attract clients to your listing. This is a marketing tool no business should overlook – and you don’t really need to give anything away!

While you can certainly offer a discount or special price offer as an incentive to new clients, you can also entice them through less costly methods. One of the great things you can do with something you should already have is to offer your eBook free of charge as a special promotion.

You can easily create a deal that shows your book cover and links to your request form on your website, which will not only get clients looking at your local business profile but also lead them directly to your website. This way you’re offering them something enticing and gaining their contact information at the same time.

This can also be accomplished if you do free consultations. Offer a free consultation through your business listing for new clients and this can often help increase your visibility on the local business search engines.

Having a local business directory listing isn’t useful unless clients are finding it. By enhancing your listings with keyword-rich, SEO content and using deals and offers you can help boost your popularity in your local enhanced search results and gain an advantage in Internet marketing.

Make Sure Your Clients Find Your Local Business Listings!

Local enhanced search results can give your business Internet marketing advantages. By optimizing the content on your local business listings with keywords targeted to the search queries your clients use most often you can capture the leads to grow your business!

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