Spezify.com Launches a New View on Search

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Visual search takes on a whole new meaning with the launch of Spezify.com, which creators describe as a “tool” rather than a search engine, that can retrieve search engine results from Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and Twitter among other sources.

Mediapost reports that the new website pulls indexed content from “hundreds of sources”, with the exception of Google, which has design rules that prohibit others from changing the order of their search engine results. Searchers using Spezify will receive the “top 10 to 50 lines of queries from each site” and will have the option to click on a related search term to delve deeper into their topic. Users also have the option of limiting or expanding their search results as well as focusing specifically on images, text, or video.

Sweden-baed creators Ekenstam and Persson view the free search tool as an application for people who don’t necessarily know what they looking for, but are more interested in discovering new information.

Check out Spezify.com and let us know what you think of this new form of “visual search”.