Spice Up Your Social Media Links With a Catchy Intro

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Blog Series: Enhancing Your Content for Social Media Success

June 14, 2011 
– We’ve all heard the warnings about not clicking on suspicious links on social media sites. Many viruses and malware attacks begin by infecting a friend of a friend and spreading junk links across Facebook pages. You wouldn’t want your links to your quality content getting lost in this mess, would you?


When you go to post a link to Facebook, even if it’s not a shortened URL, you need to give it a little bit of identity. Once the web address is in, you get the option to write a sentence or two to entice your friends and fans to click that link. This is where you want to put your marketing cap on and shine the spotlight on your content link.

With Facebook you get about 255 characters to introduce the reason you’re sharing your link. For this article, we broke the 4th wall and just went with it:

What you’re reading here is a great example of how important it is to catch readers’ attention with link intros! Read our blog (linked below) to learn why!

With a link intro you want to give a bit of a teaser into what your content is about and then entice readers to click your link to read more. It’s similar to newspaper headlines – catch their attention quickly and make them stick with you for the whole article.

Twitter is similar, allowing you 140 characters in all, including the URL. The difference is that you’ll need to be much more efficient in your word use to get your hook out there. Practice makes perfect, you’ll get the hang of it after a few “sorry, this exceeds the maximum character count” messages!

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