The Spotlight is on You: How to Showcase Your Experience through Video

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Blog Series: Marketing with Internet Video

July 20, 2011 
– Did you enjoy yesterday’s exciting webinar? Wouldn’t it be cool to star in your own? Our co-founder, Yvette Valencia, and Sales Director, Alex Valencia, got this opportunity because they’re passionate about what they do and want to share that experience with others.


This is what Internet video is becoming for businesses: a tool to showcase your passions and knowledge with others. Let’s face it – a lot of professions are boring to the average consumer.In the world of law your clients don’t want to read through statutes (that’s your job!). They want the information you have given to them in a friendly format.

That’s where video marketing comes into play! You’ve got the knowledge your clients need, so why not share it with them in a viewing-friendly format? Our friends at the Fairfax Video Studio have been helping clients become Internet video stars for years now, and their work is top-notch (they’re also really nice, professional and know how to make you feel at ease – you’ll see what we mean when you get there – just ask them to open their fridge)!

To use YouTube as a marketing tool you’ll need a bit of dedication to the project. Just one video isn’t going to cut it; you’ll want a whole channel full of the informative little snippets of your business that clients are searching for. Your existing FAQs are a great set of topics to cover in video format, especially if you expand upon them a bit.

Write this Expert Tip Down!
 You should start by addressing the questions that get the most traffic, have the highest click-through rate (this is your conversion folks!) and the lowest bounce rate (anything under 60% is ripe for the pickin’) . You can check your site’s analytics for this information. Generally, you want to look at the last 6 months.

Posting video to the Internet has become extremely easy thanks to smartphones and simplified video cameras. Even though it may seem that anyone can create a video, it takes good content to create a video worth watching. There’s a level of professionalism clients expect when watching their potential attorney’s video blog series. The mentality goes: if you took the time to make a video about the topic, you must know a lot about it!

At We Do Web Content we’re focused on keeping our clients on the up-and-up when it comes to Internet marketing.
 When we develop content topics for our clients, we not only focus on articles and written formats, but generate informative series that can be easily converted into a video script! (in fact, we’ll be discussing THAT tomorrow!)

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