Spring Cleaning Your Content Archives

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February 21, 2011 – Spring has sprung! Well, for some parts of the U.S. at least. Down here in Ft. Lauderdale it’s a balmy 76 degrees, sunny and windy…we apologize to those of you in the upper Midwest who are currently experiencing another snowpocalypse, we send you warm thoughts!

As some parts of the country begin their spring thaw it brings to mind spring cleaning and the need to breathe some new life into all aspects of our world. As a business owner you should also be considering sprucing up your old article archives and blogs – last year’s content is getting dusty!

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Don’t let your old archives get stale!

One of the great ways to generate new content ideas at any time of year is to look back at your archives and see if there are any articles or blog posts that could use a refresh. Maybe they were written by a different writer and don’t match your current tone, or perhaps new laws or circumstances have made your old content inaccurate – there are many reasons for a content update to take place!

Especially in the legal content world, statutes may change from year to year and outdated content can misinform your readers. This is a great time to grab those old articles and give them a refresh.Just remember that replacing a few facts and figures does NOT make a new article!

If you’re updating the legal content of an article or blog post you should take the time to add a bit of new information. Discuss how the statute changes impact the topic, or mention any recent developments in your field of law that applies to the subject.

Of course, this all takes time and effort to accomplish and not all of us have the luxury of devoting those resources to our Internet marketing. That’s when the talented writers and editors at We Do Web Content can help! We’ll review your current archives and pick out those critical pieces of content that are always a good hook for new clients. When we clear out that old content and post fresh articles and blogs with your customized keywords, you’ll see your new SEO content popping up on search engines just like a field of spring flowers! 


Spring flowers for you northerners!

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