Starbucks Launches iPhone App

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September – 23, 2009 – Do you like bitter, overpriced coffee? There’s an App for that!

Corporate coffee megabrand Starbucks has just launched a new app, myStarbucks, that will allow fans to find locations (cause those Starbucks are soo hard to find!), build drinks, check out the snack menu, and even get nutritional information about their favorite mocha, caramel-drizzled delights from the comfort of their mobile phone. Sounds like the right move for the company (all the big brands are building apps these days), but nothing too extraordinary.

However, a second app, called Starbucks Mobile Card, will actually allow users (in Seattle and Silicon Valley for now) to pay for their drinks. According to ReadWriteWeb, the Starbucks mobile payment app is still in the test phase, hence why it is only available in 2 test markets, but if this little endeavor catches on, you can expect a lot of new apps that can let you buy more tangible goods (instead of just virtual ones) with your iPhone.

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