Starbucks to Offer Free Wi-Fi, Local Content

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June 17, 2010 – With more Internet users going mobile with their usage, and businesses looking for new ways to drum up business, coffee giant Starbucks has announced they’ll be offering their Wi-Fi Internet access free of charge starting July 1.

The move comes on the heels of many quick-serve restaurants and cafes offering free Wi-Fi access to entice consumers to come in, get their Internet fix, and slam back a few venti half-caf-double-soy-no-foam lattes. The longer they can keep a customer in the store browsing the Internet on their cell phone, iPad, or laptop, the more apt they are to grab a coffee or snack.

Even more exciting than free Internet with your Frappuccino is the new Starbucks Digital Network, a local content network featuring free content you won’t be able to read anywhere else. In some areas, the local Starbucks is the place to advertise an upcoming band show or local yard sale because so many people cycle through there for their morning joe.

The Starbucks Digital Network is taking this local hub of information idea and making it digital. When you log in to the Wi-Fi service, you’ll be using your own unique ID and password, so Starbucks will know where you are and who you are, potentially allowing for targeted marketing.

To achieve the most consistently updated, relevant content for their new network, Starbucks has partnered with Yahoo and is also working on a deal with AOL’s content-creation division to get relevant, local news and goings-on aggregated from Yahoo’s already robust local services.

Starbucks’ move just further proves that local content is the way to go when getting your message out to the most relevant clients. Users are searching for more geo-specific keywords because a client would much rather drive across town than across the state for professional services.

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