Stay Classy with a LinkedIn Profile

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Blog Series: Choosing Your Social Media

June 23, 2011 
– We’re switching gears slightly with LinkedIn to focus on a more personal business level than Facebook or Twitter. There are more than 100 million LinkedIn users across 200 countries and territories, making it the world’s largest professional network.

Known more as the businessman’s social network, LinkedIn is focused a little more on personal networking rather than business marketing, but this can still be a good thing for your company.

Even though LinkedIn operates more as a one-on-one social networking site, it also allows companies to create a profile to easily connect all their employees under one hub. If you’ve already got a personal LinkedIn profile, you should definitely set up a page for your actual business as well. Not only does this let your employees connect their profile to the company they work for, but it also lets your company profile connect to your employees’ other contacts.

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It’s all about connections with LinkedIn. The social network integrates with many other platforms through apps and partnerships with other networking services. One of the popular legal social networks, JD Supra, partnered with LinkedIn last year to help lawyers expand their networking.

With all this networking going on, you need to remember that not only is your LinkedIn profile a reflection of yourself, it’s also a reflection of your company. When users see you’re an employee of X company you become a spokesperson for that business. Just like any other social network, what you do on your profile can potentially be used to judge your employer.

You’re going to want to keep your profile mainly professional on your LinkedIn account.
Think of it as a virtual resume – you wouldn’t put a note that your dog chewed up your favorite running shoes on a resume, would you? Keep your status updates more work-related, like noting you’ve started on a great new eBook that will be available to your clients in a few months.

Networking with other professionals – both in and out of your industry – is a great way to spread the word about your business. It’s especially great for business service companies when their employees are connected to other professionals not in their field. If you’re a law firm and many of your employees are connected to other non-lawyers, chances are someone’s going to need legal services in your network and come find your company.

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