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December 9, 2009 – If the main point of your website is to get visitors to contact you about your services, it’s important to place special emphasis on your contact information and make connections as easy as possible.

You might be surprised at how many websites we’ve seen where the contact information for the company is buried, limited, or almost non-existent. If you want potential customers to contact you, you need to make that information stand out loud and clear.

  1. Contact Us Page – Every single should have a clearly labeled and visible tab on their home page that leads to a contact us page with information. This should not lead solely to an online form, but actual information that details the phone number, email address, and physical location of your office(s). You can even include a small map or a few general directions as well. Not everyone wants to send an email, some people would rather call and speak to a person. Don’t limit your leads by excluding this audience.
  2. Post Contact Information on Your Home Page –  Even if you have a great Contact Us web page, you should still always prominently display your office’s phone number and an email link directly on your home page.
  3. Include Links and Phone Numbers in Your Web Content – Every piece of web content you publish on your website (or externally) should have a call to action that includes your phone numbers and links to your contact page and/or email. If your visitor likes what they have read, they may want to contact you right away. Why make them navigate through your website instead of publishing that information right in front of them?

Connecting with your readers means allowing them the opportunity to directly contact you. Keeping your contact information widely accessible means never missing an opportunity to allow those customers to get in touch with you right away.

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