Staying Current with Changing Keywords

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June 2, 2010 – You may think that once you set your keywords up there’s nothing more to do than let them get to work. The way the Internet changes by the second, you can rarely expect anything to be the “best solution” to your needs for long, and keywords have expiration dates, too.

When selecting keywords, less is more in the case of driving the right traffic to your website. You should be focusing on using small, specific batches of keywords or key phrases in your meta tags and website content. The problem with this is that the more specific you get, the more you have to adapt as trends change.

Take the argument of using “lawyer” versus “attorney” – it’s usually a matter of personal preference which one a client uses to search for you. But if you test both with Google Keywords you’ll see a huge difference when you plug your practice area in before them. We’ve seen as much as a 100,000 search difference between the two words!

To get the most out of your search engine rankings, you need to be constantly aware of the hot topics clients are searching for. If you handle product recalls and defects, the latest news buzz should be your newest keyword focus. Checking search trends and monitoring your site traffic are keys to keeping on top of the search engine rankings.

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