Step Up Your Social Networking with a Social Media Business Card

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November 17, 2009 – When you start getting into social networking and setting up profiles all over the place it can be difficult to get all your information to everyone without creating a messy looking email signature. Luckily a couple of smart techies realized this dilemma and social media business cards were born!

We learned about two of these amazing and FREE (of course you can upgrade for a small fee) services through our friends at Mashable.

After checking them out we really loved Magntize! This free social media business card is incredibly easy to set up and there are several really nice templates to choose from as well as a variety of color choices to customize your card!


After you select a username and password the system walks you through the simple customization process, allowing you to create a short bio (you can upload your full resume by upgrading to the $9 a month pro level), insert a picture, pick out your keywords (titles), insert links to all of your social media profiles and even set up a live stream to your blog which your magntize profile will automatically load. Nice!

To give an idea of what a finished social media business card might look like, I’ve included a screen shot of my new card below:

AG V Card4

As you can see by looking at the arrows, there is a defined space that links your social media links (the top box) as well the latest blogs picked up from in your live stream (bottom box). Across the top there is also a navigation bar where you can read my bio, see my contact information and get a more detailed look at my blog’s live stream. This is just one example of the templates you can choose from. There are other options that will list all of your information on a single page as well as host a picture of you!

Now when I send emails I can just include my simple Magnetize URL instead of a long list of social media accounts! If only everything were this easy.

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