Steps for Helping Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Women

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Unfortunately, the number of women who are developing problems with drug and alcohol abuse continues to grow. By taking a comprehensive approach as a society, however, we can help stop the spread of drug addiction and alcohol abuse among women.

Here are some steps we can take to help with the problem:

  • Parents need to make an effort to help their daughters understand the risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Parents, family members and caregivers need to learn how to recognize the signs of drug addiction and alcohol abuse in women of all ages.
  • Schools need to provide gender-sensitive preventative programs that help girls transition through various stages of development.
  • Insurance programs need to cover the costs for screening and treating women who suffer from a drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem.
  • The government needs to invest more money in drug treatment programs as well as research and prevention initiatives that are tailored toward women.

While some of these steps are immediately within the grasp of the general public, other steps require getting other organizations to get on board with drug addiction prevention.

By advocating for these changes to be made, however, you can help to prevent the number of women who develop alcohol or drug abuse problems.

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