6 Easy Steps to Make Your Email Campaign A Lean, Mean, Marketing Machine

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(Updated) February 26th, 2015 – When you receive an Email from a company, organization or marketer, how long do you (honestly) spend reading it? Even if the Email is connected to a product, brand or service that you are interested in, chances are, you give it only a few seconds of your time before you either; A) “toss” it, or, B) keep it to learn more.

Because Email marketing can play such an important part of your online marketing strategy, your company’s Email campaign should be designed to capture-and hold-your audience’s admittedly fleeting attention spans right from the get-go. You may soon discover that the old adage of “less is more” applies to achieving success in your Email strategy.

Listed below are 6 easy steps to turn your Email campaign into a lean, mean, marketing machine

  • Trim the fat & save time – True, a tighter, more toned product requires more time and energy. But considering that an unsuccessful Email campaign (i.e., one in which a large percentage of the recipients trash the message without opening it or biting on the desired call-to-action) is a colossal waste of time, you may discover that it is more useful to send fewer messages that are of are a higher quality. If you’re sending 10 “so-so” Emails of varying success each month, why not drop that number to 5 or 6 and focus on making those messages really shine?
  • Don’t be an overly “Chatty Cathy” – Never use 500 words, when 100 will suffice. Likewise, don’t attempt to cover multiple topics or marketing initiatives in one Email.
  • Stop using ambiguous subject lines – While it’s tempting to be clever and cute in your subject lines, you must balance creativity with comprehensibility. For instance, a good subject line-“The 7 Deadly Tax Sins To Avoid in 2010”-gives the reader an idea of what to expect. A bad subject line for the same topic-“2010: Doomed to Repeat The Past?”-simply leaves them scratching their heads and likely hitting the “Delete” button. For more references on headlines that have converted well in the past take a look at the book by Victor O. Schwab How to Write a Good Advertisement.
  • Check, double-check (and triple-check) for typos and formatting snafus – There is nothing less appealing than a misspelled subject line, a photo that won’t load or is distorted, or an Email that looks wildly inconsistent depending on the browser you use to open it. When you think you’re done checking for these errors, give it one more read-through. Then, have someone else in your company take a look.
  • Streamline the visual elements – Just as you want to eliminate wasteful words, you must ditch any visual elements that cloud the message or make you appear in any way amateurish. This means sticking with 1 or 2 fonts and staying within a font family, using appealing images and graphics, and breaking up chunks of text with bullet-point or numbered lists.
  • Follow-up Sequences – Remember it takes at least 7 touches by email for someone to make a purchase. Be sure to build out a great and relevant follow-up sequence.

Your Email campaign is just one of the components in your marketing plan. When developing an online marketing strategy it is important that you select a company that has Internet marketing experience, which includes copywriting, SEO services, and website promotion.

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