Study shows SEO more popular than paid search

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A study conducted recently by the independent technology and market research company, Forrester Research, concludes that search engine optimization will be favored by marketers this year over paid search (pay per click advertising). Forrester surveyed 204 marketers from companies with 200 or more employees for the study.

Search engine optimization was favored by 93% of marketers to paid search, which was chosen by 86% of the group. Forrester attributes the popularity of SEO to its “perceived cost-effectiveness,” according to an article on the study featured on

The study also revealed that 50% of the companies represented plan to strengthen spending on interactive marketing if the recession continues. While investments in online video and mobile advertising are likely to remain the same, social media applications like podcasts, widgets, and user-generated content and blogs are growing by 20%.

Other findings from the study include:

  • Small businesses and media companies are more active in social media
  • Financial service firms are likely to use online video and mobile media
  • Display advertising is expected to shrink from 94% to 88%

To purchase the full report by Forrester on “Interactive Marketing Channels to Watch in 2009,” click here.

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