Substance Abuse Programs that Involve the Wilderness

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Treatment centers that use the 12-Step Program have long been used to heal those with substance abuse issues. However, a newer program that fuses the 12 steps with nature has helped many drug and alcohol addicts get rid of their bad habits.

The 12 steps are based on eliminating substance abuse by finding help from others, and from a higher power.

According to Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base, programs set in the wilderness have similar goals. Teens and adults alike have the chance to remove themselves from the fast-paced world and connect with their spirituality as well as others with similar issues.

Find Treatment Centers That Utilize Nature’s Advantages

Passages to Recovery is directed at men ages 18 to 30, though older adults can participate on a case-by-case basis. Family is involved in many steps, from weekly phone calls with a substance abuse counselor to a short workshop that teaches relatives how to deal with addiction in their family.

The Phoenix Outdoor Program weaves the 12 steps into other methods, such as group support meetings, motivational interviewing, and yoga. This program provides a questionnaire to decide if your child has an issue that can be solved by wilderness treatment, such as drug and alcohol addiction.

CRC Health Group lists several other substance abuse programs set in the wilderness for children, teens, and adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

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