Successful Social Marketing Means Generating a Plan

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Successful corporate social media profiles need more than a fast Internet connection and a sharp mind to get results, they need a plan. Depending on what your online marketing goals are and the type of company or brand you are promoting, what that Web marketing plan is will vary. There are however, a few simple tips that can get you thinking in the right direction for how to approach the unchartered waters of social media.

The Examiner published a basic intro article to social media that covers some easy tips about how to approach social media marketing and integrate those efforts with your other website promotion goals. One of the tips we enjoyed the most was the need to create a “face” for your online profiles.

Even though you are a company, people need to trust your online profile. This can prevent users from thinking you are a spam site or a “fake” profile using a corporate identity. Using a logo or a picture (this can be the employee running the profile, CEO, the founder, etc) is a great way to greet online visitors and let them know they are dealing with a person and not just a machine.

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