Take Advantage of the Top Two Forms of Business Marketing in One Step

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One of Nielsen’s latest surveys, Global Survey of Trust in Advertising 2013, polled over 29,000 Internet users to discover their opinions of business marketing and advertising. The biggest takeaway? Consumers place their trust mainly in word-of-mouth and brand content and messaging.

Earned Versus Owned Advertising

Earned advertising is the term used to describe unsolicited, organic business promotion. This is your word-of-mouth advertising, recommendations from friends and family, business reviews and ratings, and testimonials. Basically, any time someone is talking about your business and you’re not paying them to do so means you’ve earned that endorsement.

Owned advertising is the opposite – it’s any form of advertisement you generate yourself or pay to be generated for your business. It’s your TV ads, radio spots, billboards, newsletters, and your website. Since we’re We Do Web Content, we’re going to focus on the Internet side of things, especially your website and social media.

Generate More Earned Advertising by Improving Your Owned Advertising

True earned advertising is generated by being genuinely awesome. The businesses that get the most buzz from their customers are those that provide the best service and products. You can’t fake this kind of word-of-mouth advertising (well you CAN, but it could get you in a lot of trouble) – you have to earn it the hard way.

Of course, whenever there’s a difficult task to accomplish – in this case generating more honest earned advertising – there’s also ways to make the task easier. According to Neilsen’s research, while 84 percent of customers surveyed said they trust word-of-mouth recommendations the most, “owned advertising in the form of content and messaging on brand websites,” also generated a 69 percent trust rate.

That’s our cue to tell you that your Internet presence can be your biggest asset in generating better word-of-mouth, testimonials, reviews, and organic buzz. In today’s information-driven society, it’s rare that a consumer will make a purchase or service decision without doing a little research first – and most of that research is done online.

If your business doesn’t have an Internet presence, especially a website, you may be missing out on a ton of leads. When asking friends for advice or looking up reviews on non-brand sites, most consumers listen first to those earned advertisements, then head to the brand website to get additional information.

The more informative, professional, and easy to navigate your website, the more integrity your business will establish with a potential customer. At this point, the earned advertising has done its job in informing the customer that your business is worth researching. Now it’s your owned advertising’s job to seal the deal by having quality content that answers readers’ questions and establishes trust in your business’ performance.

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